Order Entry           

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n      Order Entry is both versatile and Innovative. It is designed for rapid and easy entry of customer orders and facilitates the picking and invoicing process.

n      Enter by customer number, name or telephone number.

n      Credit hold based on aging or maximum dollar limit is available.

n      Description, or partial description accesses look-up screen.

n      Pertinent information such as item number, contracts special pricing and flyers display on screen.

n      History file is accessed by prefix or item description

n      Gross Profit is protected if pricing falls below the minimum percent.

n      Orders can be modified after the original has been entered until PO is transmitted.

n      Customer unique product numbers can be assigned and cross referenced.

n      Products can be assigned substitutions or cross referenced to standard item numbers

n      Picking tickets can be printed after each order is entered or batch printed.

System Reports- OE

n      Daily Orders

n      Orders on Hold Report

n      Orders with No Invoice Number

n      Return Authorization Report

n      Orders with No Cost 

n      Wholesaler shorts

n      Invoice Reprint

n      Customer Price Book

n      Order Fill Rate Report

n      Price overrides

n      Operator Analysis

n      Open Quote Report

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