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n      This module enables the user to prepare purchase orders and to monitor the status of open  purchase orders.

n      Automatic placement of items to be ordered with various wholesalers or direct buys.

n      Orders create a PO to be sent electronically to primary wholesaler and then to other selected vendors.

n      A PO can be created for stock items that have reached their re-order point.

n      EDI purchasing allows electronic transmission direct to wholesaler through their unique communications protocol. This process can be scheduled to run automatically for all wholesale vendors.

n      Acknowledgments can be viewed and exceptions (non-filled items) are tracked and can be viewed or printed..

n      Reports include purchases committed to orders, PO analysis, monthly receiver analysis and vendor lists.

System Reports- PO

n      Vendor List/Labels

n      Purchase Order Analysis

n      Monthly P.O. Receiver Analysis

n      Purchase Order Print

n      Comment List

n      Change Document Print

n      Purchases Committed

n      Purchase Discounts

n      Purchase Parts Review

n      Completely Received POs

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