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n      Software designed for automated Order Entry and Point-of-Sale.

n      Immediate update of data.

n      Menu driven for ease of use.

n      Fully operational Bar Coding.

n      Variable length records and fields allow users to maintain more data

n      History files on customer purchases accessed through order entry.

n      Look up features for quick order processing.

n      Application security at the user and program level.

Designed to reduce handling of paper and filing costs.

n      Customer receives correct pricing based on pre-determined criteria

n      Unique on-line inquires for customers and products.

n      A Multi-User, Multi-Tasking database Management System.

n      Internet customer ordering system available that integrates with your back office. 

n      High Performance Hardware Platforms with a clear upgrade migration path.

n      Regular enhancements to keep the software current based on your needs.

n      Fully Integrated Accounting Modules.

n      Supports PCs or Terminals, Laser or Impact Printers.

n      Runs under Windows 2000/2003 with Raining Data/Pick Systems D3 or mv-BASE.

n      Full line of system reports from all modules, including departmental usage reporting.

n      Gross Profit protection prevents selling at a loss or minimum profit.

n      Professional System Support from our office to yours via telephone/modem/telnet



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