Company Overview

IBA- The Best Software Solution Available for the Office Products Dealer!!!

IBA has been providing solutions to Office Products dealers since 1991. With company leaders that have more than 60 years combined office products experience, we offer more than just a casual interest -- IBA offers solutions that bring results!

IBA's flagship software products, Image Plus+ System Software and our outstanding ecommerce solution, Ecom Plus+ are designed around the needs of a busy office products dealer. Whether your business is retail, commercial, or both -- whether you are a stocking or non-stocking dealer -- Image Plus+ will fit your business.

At the heart of Image Plus+ is the IBA philosophy of business. We provide solutions, therefore, we fit the software into your business. Image Plus+ is designed to augment your business. The Image Plus+ system is designed to meet most needs of a dealer with system parameters that allow you to turn on or off features to run your business in a way that makes sense to you, which means you do not have to change procedures that have worked for years.  IBA also has the flexibility to modify the system for any special needs that your business requires. These areas (system flexibility and ease of modification) allow IBA to meet the needs of a small dealer with two users or a dealer with over 250 users. These advantages along with excellent support and superior customer service are what set IBA apart from many of the other office products software suppliers. IBA’s software solution also has optional modules for credit card processing (real time authorization at order entry), a product that allows faxing and emailing directly from the system and a POD  invoice scanning and storing product the allows customers to pull Proof Of Delivery’s (signed copies) directly from your website.  This is only a small portion of the services that you will receive from IBA.

We at IBA view ourselves as part of your team helping you be successful in your market area. We work closely with the industry wholesalers to ensure that your program and catalog updates reach you in a timely manner. At IBA we work with the wholesalers to ensure that orders placed electronically are processed properly and accurately to ensure the proper pricing is in your system. Our goal is to help keep you profitable.

Contact IBA today. We are interested in working with you, and look forward to being of service.