Accounts Receivable

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n      Accounts Receivable monitors invoices and cash receipts to assure payments and adjustments are correctly applied.

n      AR transactions may be adjusted prior to posting and audit reports are automatically generated.

n      AR Inquiry provides for on-line review of specific account history or open items.

n      Entry by account number, customer name, part of customer name or telephone number with or without area code.

n      An unlimited history is maintained for sales and product purchases.

n      Customer default flags for substitutes, credit card purchases and parent number for customers with multiple accounts.

n      Minimum gross profit controlled at customer level as well as over-all system.

n      Credit profile as to last paid, last purchase, and YTD purchases.

n      Reports include department usage, order fill rate, back order tracking, operator analysis and the ability to reprint an invoice.

System Reports- AR

n      Schedule of Aged Receivables

n      Highest Customer Sales

n      Past Due Reports

n      Salesman Activity

n      Customer Product X-Reference

n      Salesman Analysis

n      Operator Analysis     

n      Customer list A-Z 

n      Customer Usage Dept/Ship to       

n      Accounts Receivable Days

n      Statements    

n      Invoice Register

n      Cycle Billing

n      Invoice Activity Register

n      Customer Department Analysis

n      Items with No Cost

n      Customer List

n      Items Sold Below Cost

n      Customer Highest Products Sold     

n      Items Sold Below GP%

n      Sales Analysis

n      Products Statistics

n      Sales Summary

n      Commission Register

n      Sales Tax Report

n      Daily Invoice Statistics

n      Sales Review 

n      Sales Trend Analysis

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